Pistol ZVS P20

The P20/P21 pistol is a semi-automatic handgun with the locked breech system.

Charakteristik features are:

  • universal shape an controls for both hands
  • frame construction adjusted for different hand size
  • double function trigger mechanism SA/DA
  • high accuracy of fire
  • long service life

high reliability, even in dificult climatic conditions and with various types of cartrigdes

SA (Single Action)
It is a single action function when the hammer is cocked (in rear position). After pulling the trigger the hammer is released and the pistol will fire. The trigger trevel is short, and pull weightis low.

DA (Double Action)
The trigger mechanism operates in double action mode when in a first phase of pulling the triger is hammer cocked, then release and pistol will fire. The trigger travel is longer, and trigger pull weight is higher then at SA mode.