Our success is the result of the collective sharing of our vision and common values of the MSM GROUP.

We take care of our employees and we always try to do something extra whether directly related to the job or non-business activities. We also ensure that our employees have an above standard approach to further education.

Our vision is to be an important and credible international group, with its companies significantly involved in building a safe world. 
Our mission is to provide customers with cutting-edge, efficient and secure products, services and solutions that will help them to protect what they really care about. 

We are proud of the role we play in the world.


We strive to make our people live these values.We know that the success of the company depends on the actual sharing of these values.

The values of MSM GROUP are a set of basic patterns of behaviour, communication and attitudes towards colleagues and customers. They directly affect the definition of workflows and the ability of efficient and successful operation of the company. 


Honesty, integrity and respect are of utmost importance for us. We are always particular about work safety. We identified ourselves with the philosophy of the company and its objectives. In today's fast time, the company must constantly and repeatedly reinvent itself and come up with innovations so that it could offer the best solutions for its customers. Open access, listening to all stakeholders leads to continuous evaluation of the status quo. Open partnership is essential for successful and mutually beneficial relationships. It allows every employee to be proactive and creative.


Our future depends on the fact that we will listen to our customers and help to contribute to their success. We are proactive and easy to do business with. We offer expertise and practical solutions. We keep our promises.


We believe that it is always possible to find a better and more efficient solution. We can never be content with stereotypes. Long-term ambition of our company depends on continuous customer satisfaction and on achieving the desired results. This, however, requires that we strive for quality, safety and continuous improvement on a daily basis. Because of their pursuit of excellence, meeting of joint commitments, and thanks to their sense of responsibility, our people are the key factor of our success. We develop a corporate culture that encourages initiative, responsibility and outstanding performance. We want to be always actively involved in the processes and be part of a successful team. We give our employees a chance to grow together with the company.


We respect the individuality of each person. We create an environment of trust, respect and open communication. Every employee is important and worth of respect, consideration and kind approach. Confidence allows each of us to give our best. Confidence energizes, enables collaboration as well as independence. It is the basis of long-term relationships both inside the company and with customers and trade partners.


We always act in the interests of the company and actively fulfil its strategy. We represent the company externally as a successful enterprise.