Programs for student and graduates

Who are we looking for?

Young people are always welcome to us.  Through competitions, scholarship or graduate programs, we support their potential and also offer them the opportunity to start their careers with us. 

We are looking for students of the Alexander Dubček University in Trenčín – Faculty of Special Technology:

  • being interested in the defence and civil engineering industry;
  • having active computer skills;
  • having analytical skills and technical thinking;
  • being engaged and proactive;
  • being flexible, independent, and result-oriented

Our offer for students

Start your career with us

  • Internship for students

Professional internship for students – active participation in activities of specific departments of our companies according to the student’s interest.

  • Excursions

Excursions in companies belonging to the MSM GROUP according to the student’s interest.

  • Bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses

Students are able to prepare the practical part of their thesis in one of the companies belonging to the MSM GROUP.


  1. Choose / define the topic of your thesis in cooperation with your supervisor.
  2. Send the title / topic of your thesis from our contact form
  3. Upon the responses of the departments of the addressed companies, we will inform you about the acceptance or proposal / modification of the topic and implementation options.
  4. In case of a positive response, we will invite you to a meeting where we will jointly define the form and scope of cooperation and the final topic.
  5. You will be required to provide us with the following information at the meeting:
    • the presumed content of the thesis;
    • the focus of the practical part (subject and object of the research, as well as the survey, analysis, testing, measures etc.);
    • the concept of cooperation (meetings, voluntary work, distribution of questionnaires, etc.)
  6. Please, observe the agreed consultation dates.
  • Competitions for students

Send us the title / topic of your thesis in the field of defence and civil engineering. If we choose it and you prepare your thesis in any of the companies belonging to the MSM GROUP, you can win a valuable prize.