Real stories, fates, and relationships of exceptional people are not indifferent to us.

“All good thoughts and ideas mean nothing without action.” (Mahatma Gandhi)

Just for this reason we decided to establish a civic association named “MSM pre ľudí, o.z.” (MSM for People). Our civic association is based on the principle of voluntariness, apoliticality, interests, public benefits, and is committed to contributing to the goals we have set.

Our goals

  • Health protection and support, as well as prevention, treatment, resocialization of drug addicts in the field of health and social services
  • Support and development of physical culture
  • Providing social assistance
  • Preservation of cultural values
  • Support for education
  • Human rights protection
  • Protection and creation of the environment
  • Science and research
  • Organizing and mediating volunteering

We have been preparing the following projects since 1 January 2019

We are ready to help and we would like to know your ideas to whom we are to help.

  • Is there anyone to whom you wish to thank or who do you want to reward for an extraordinary act?
  • Do you know someone who deserves to be rewarded?
  • Do you recognize someone who deserves respect?
  • Do you know someone in need?
  • Are you a volunteer fire fighter?
  • Are you a member of a non-profit organization that needs any support?

How to proceed?

Please propose a person / organization you wish to reward or help or the project we should support and deliver your proposal as follows:

  • By post: Send it to the address: MSM GROUP s.r.o., Štúrova 925/27, 018 41 Dubnica nad Váhom; please mark it as: “MSM pre ľudí”.
  • Electronically: Fill in the form published at our website.
  • In person: Bring it to the HR Department of any of the MSM Group companies
  • All proposals will then be forwarded to the Chairman of the civic association “MSM pre ľudí”.

The proposal must contain the following essential elements:

  • Proposer information (contact details for supplementary questions)
  • Information about the proposed project, event, or specific support
  • Purpose of the use of the support
  • Specification of the form of the required support: financial aid (amount), non-financial assistance (gift, sponsorship), expert assistance (advice)
  • The reason why we should support the proposed project / person
  • Consent to personal data processing

Evaluation of proposals

  • A committee composed of representatives of the MSM holding management will meet quarterly to evaluate your proposals. Deadlines for submitting proposals are as follows:
    - 31 March
    - 30 June
    - 30 September
    - 31 December
  • The committee will decide which proposal will be supported. Subsequently, all proposers will be informed about the evaluation results. Urgent requests to support a specific event will be handled operationally.
  • Successful proposers will then be contacted for assistance, project implementation and promotion.
  • We will not fund the events that have already taken place.

We will keep you informed about our activities.

Alica Eglyová