The Euro commissioner for Internal Market visited us

Thierry Breton, who was companied by Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Jaro Naď, stated after a tour of our production in Dubnica nad Váhom: „Your ammunition factory made a significant impression on me.“

Nowadays, there are 15 companies in the EU in 11 member countries, which the artillery ammunition calibre 155 mm produce. We are one of them. That´s why we were honoured with a visit, which is extremely important for the Slovak defence industry.



The production process came to see the Commissar for the Internal Market of the EU, Thierry Breton, who was companied by the Minister of Defence of the Slovak Republic, Jaro Naď. We discussed concrete options for increasing ammunition production, the state of production capacities of the domestic defence industry, the need for further expansion and the creation of tens of jobs.



As evidenced by his following statement, we convinced the Euro Commissioner: "I have seen a credible and well-documented plan to increase production by two or even three times significantly." The target of Breton´s visit was to check European producers‘ preparedness, and we fulfilled it.


Thank you