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  • Awards

    We Won the 2018 Mechanical Engineering Product Award

    Posted on 1. July 2019 12:25

    The Union of Engineering Industry in Slovakia together with the co-organiser MSV is also the announcer of the competition the Best Mechanical Engineering Product of the Year. Companies register for the competition every year with ambition to be successful with their innovative product.

  • News

    Manufacture of Steel Structures in MSM Banská Bystrica Plant

    Posted on 1. July 2019 11:50

    In January 2019, the MSM Banská Bystrica Plant launched successfully the manufacture of load frame assemblies for a primary and secondary radar for ELDIS Pardubice, s. r. o. (Ltd.), Czech Republic, a member of the CSG Group.

  • News

    Challenge "Volkswagen"

    Posted on 1. July 2019 11:35

    MSM Martin was contacted in the matter of the production of special container solutions by VW Werkzeugbau Stupava, on the basis of successful cooperation in the past.

  • Events

    MSM GROUP Successful at International Exhibitions

    Posted on 30. June 2019 12:40

    This year again our company takes part in several important foreign exhibitions. A positive assessment and interest in our products result mainly from the honest work of our employees.

  • Interview

    Interview with New General Director of 14. OKTOBAR

    Posted on 6. June 2019 10:00

    Aleksandar Vasiljević, dipl.maš.ing. General Director 14. OKTOBAR d.o.o. Kruševac He was born 28th of November 1970. He used to work in Zastava Promet as a Technical Director (car industry), General Motors as a Director of business unit (car industry), Forma Ideale as a Commercial Director (furniture industry) and Grafostil as a Executive Director (Printing).

  • Insight

    International Children's Day in ZVS

    Posted on 1. June 2019 11:45

    The International Children's Day is a holiday celebrated every year on 1 June in many countries of the world. It has been celebrated in Slovakia since 1952. The origin of the International Children's Day goes back to 1925 when representatives from different countries met in Geneva, Switzerland to convene the World Conference for the Wellbeing of Children. At the conference, representatives from 54 countries adopted a declaration addressing poverty, child labour, education and other issues related to children around the world. After the conference several governments introduced this day in their countries to make children happier and also highlight problems related to children in the world.