Challenge "Volkswagen"

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The start of cooperation in the project Mobile Container Testing Sites for VW:

MSM Martin was contacted in the matter of the production of special container solutions by VW Werkzeugbau Stupava, on the basis of successful cooperation in the past.

The original task and requirement were the production of a special container size 40´ HC Double door. During business negotiations, we were also talking about a requirement for the production of a special container solution with the size of a standard 20´ sea container, which together with the original contract for the production of a 40´ HC DD container was successfully negotiated and entered into production at MSM Martin.

Application and Technical Design of the 20´Container:

In the case of the production of a special container with the size of a standard 20´container it is a specialized mobile testing centre for VW Werkzeugbau Stupava, which will serve, as already mentioned, for the testing of special welding facilities that are the main production programme of VW Stupava. In addition to the testing of these facilities, the mobile container testing centre is fully equipped for possible service actions and repairs of VW Stupava’s test equipment.

The mobile container testing centre by MSM Martin has become a fully-valued service centre of VW Stupava, which was fully equipped by us, thus covering all requirements for servicing and testing of VW Stupava’s equipment. The testing centre will be implemented almost around the world in all VW plants.

Why a special mobile centre? First of all, an extending crane track, together with a mobile electric pulley block with a total load-capacity of 500 kg should be highlighted from among the major technical challenges included in customer’s requirements. In addition to the said challenge, a requirement from VW Stupava for the arrangement of the container interior in such a manner that VW service technicians have the largest space for their work, in addition to the integration of the largest number of devices for their fully-valued work, is equally important.

Despite these challenges and requirements from VW Werkzeugbau, MSM Martin, the Banská Bystrica Plant handed over the work by the agreed deadlines and mainly to the high satisfaction of the customer.

In addition to this successfully implemented contract for VW Stupava, at present we are working hard to implement a special mobile testing centre that will be situated in the 40´ HC DD container. After the successful completion of the contract, the testing centre will subsequently be certified by RINA Intermodal in the field of international ship transport. However, we will be happy to inform you about this project later.


Technical specification of the mobile testing centre for VW Werkzeugbau:

Dimensions: 6058x2438x2591 mm

Structure: fully welded steel structure

Material used: S235

Corrosion protection: C5M

Insulation: Thermal insulation of walls, ceiling and floor with a total thickness of 60mm

Interior floor: industrial PVC

Air-conditioned space: fully integrated air-conditioning unit capacity 3.5 kw

Interior equipment: worktable, various handle options for devices as well as storage options

Wiring: LED lightning, sockets, switches in the VW Stupava standard

Personnel doors: special personnel doors, safety class RC2