Modular Container Air Traffic Control Tower

The company MSM Banska Bystrica a.s., managed to win the contract for the production of a container tower for air traffic control.

This is a completely new concept, which consists of three separate containers of ISO 1 CC size.

The first ISO 1CC container is a Power shelter and consists of two separate rooms.

In one there is a diesel generator CAT 65kVA with a tank for 72 hours of operation, in the other there is an input for power supply from the external network and a main switchboard that supplies the second and third containers. This room also serves as a special air-conditioned warehouse for the needs of the whole complex. The energy container is identical to the container that MSM BB a.s. designed and implemented for the company Eldis in the first half of 2019, currently this container is fully functional and provides power to the MSSR-1 radar in Jordan, Jordan.

The second ISO 1CC container is a rest container, meets all prescribed standards, which are necessary to maintain the comfort of air traffic controllers.

The third air traffic control container, unlike the first two, is not made of steel made of the standard S355 material, it is an aluminum welded construction with riveted elements. The container is completely thermally insulated with one primary and one secondary air conditioning unit.

The 360-degree view for air traffic controllers is provided by angled windows, which are made of tempered glass and have a special anti-reflective coating.

The tower is equipped with a recuperation unit that prevents the glass from fogging during sudden temperature changes in the end user's country, as well as a counter for two air traffic control operators.

On the roof there are holders for six antennas and a lightning conductor with anti-collision lights.

The whole set is in the colors of the ICAO standard and meets the strictest regulations of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization).

We believe that the customer will be satisfied and this year we will proceed to the implementation of at least two more planned projects.