MSM Banská Bystrica supplied customers with three special containers

MSM Banská Bystrica supplied customers with three special containers. The company MSM Banská Bystrica, a.s., which from the very beginning focused on electrical production, repairs, and servicing of special military equipment of air-ground security and air defense successfully delivered three special containers equipped based on customer requirements. A pair of container solutions was produced for the Eldis Pardubice customer, which will be part of the radars. The larger of the pair of containers (T1040)

traveling to Pardubice is intended for the storage of stable electronic devices, which in this case will consist of radars, their accessories, and service electronics. The basic attribute of this container is an antistatic floor with tunnels for electrical wiring or preparation for air conditioning units. The smaller container (T1044)

is intended for the antenna unit (its technical and electronic equipment) and for the installation of switchboards and air conditioning units. The specialty of this container is the opening in the ceiling, into which a part of the antenna mechanism with gearboxes and a rotary coupling will be inserted after installation. Another customer has ordered a multifunctional folding container, the use of which can be easily transformed for various purposes. The ECOS container is unique in that it can have many uses in a simple transformation. It can serve as a field hospital, military station, or, for example, accommodation. The aim of this solution is to provide an improved container folding shelter, which specializes in rescue and military tents. The container is entirely transportable and storable together with the shelter as a whole. It is able to provide the maximum possible covered area when unfolding the container into the working position, without the need to add external elements not contained in this container. The proposed solution maximizes the usability of container folding shelters.

MSM Banská Bystrica, a.s. is currently engaged not only in container solutions according to the individual requirements of its clients, but also in the production and repair of NARASYS radio navigation systems used for civil and military air traffic control, as well as the design and manufacture of MATC (Mobile Air Traffic Control) mobile airport towers. The company is still engaged in repairs and modernization of various types of special equipment of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, mainly focusing on radars and air defense. Among other activities of MSM Banská Bystrica, a.s. includes the development and production of launching equipment for aircraft and helicopters, as well as design in the field of modernization of special radar military equipment. The company has extensive experience in supplying its products to foreign markets.