Our company’s products at exhibitions across Europe

Belgrade, Kielce and London are the venues of international military technology shows, at which our company has been participating as an exhibitor. The fairs of this type are extremely important to us. It is also thanks to successes at exhibitions that we are able to export 95% of our production abroad.

At the end of June, the ninth annual Partner exhibition took place in Belgrade, Serbia. The visitors were mostly interested in the 155 mm ammunition which we exhibited along with the bi-modular charge system (BMCS), as well as military and civil products made by our partner company 14. Oktobar. “We have attended the exhibition in Serbia for the first time. Yet, thanks to our subsidiary company 14. Oktobar, which belongs to our group, we feel almost at home here,” says Marián Goga, co-owner of MSM GROUP. More than 100 exhibitors showcased their products at this event. “Although being surrounded by foreign competitors, our products attracted attention of both professional and general public,” adds Marián Goga.

Following the successful exhibition in Serbia, we went to the neighbouring Poland to attend the traditional MSPO exhibition in Kielce. More than 620 exhibitors from over 30 countries met in early September at this 27th annual international fair.

We once again showcased the best of our portfolio to almost 35 000 visitors. The visitors could see the exhibited model of our airport traffic control tower, the bi-modular charge system (BMCS) and, traditionally, our 155 mm and 105 mm ammunition that attracts attention at every exhibition where we show it. “We consider the Polish market to be one of the most important ones, which is definitely true for 155 mm ammunition that meets NATO standards, and which we supply to the Polish army; it is this quality-made ammunition that creates excellent references for us in Europe and globally,” says Pavol Čahoj, General Manager, ZVS.

Finally, we attended one of the biggest defence exhibitions in the world, the DSEI in London. Between September 10 and 13 we presented our products in London among 1 600 competing exhibitors coming from 69 countries. Here, visitors were able to enjoy all the segments existing in the world of defence – from air forces, through navy, to ground and security units. “The world’s best companies are present at this exhibition. And we are featured among them,” says Lucia Ollé, Marketing Director, MSM GROUP. In our booth we showcased the ammunition in multiple calibres ranging from 81, through 105 to 155 mm. “In addition to the ammunition, we also present the Antos mortar with 60 mm mortar bombs, the DISK 2 MSM towers and our bi-modular charge system (BMCS) at the exhibition,” adds Lucia Ollé. The fair was visited by more than 34 000 visitors.