MSM Martin, s.r.o. plant Trenčín

MSM Martin, Trenčín operation / MSM Trenčín is the successor of the former state-owned enterprise VOP Trenčín, š.p. (Trenčín Military Repair Plant, state-owned enterprise). Its business history began in 2014, when it leased the premises of the former Military Repair Plant for 20 years. The history of the company dates back to 1937, when military automobile repair shops were built. Over time, the plant's repair and manufacturing capabilities were expanded.....

The company is currently engaged in repair and production activities. The repair activities involve mainly the implementation of medium repairs and general overhauls of tracked equipment on BVP 1, BVP 2, T 72 and T55 platforms and of military wheeled equipment built on Tatra, Iveco and Aligator platforms.

The production activities are the implementation of projects in the production of self-propelled howitzers (e.g. Dana M1, M2, M3), the modernization of GRAD rocket launcher systems (RM 70 M1, BM 21), Aligator Master II 4x4 vehicles, the production of container solutions for military purposes, and the production of welded products according to customer documentation.

In 2015, the MSM GROUP s.r.o. was founded, covering several important companies engaged in activities within the defence industry. In addition to MSM Martin s.r.o., one of the companies is ZVS. With the creation of MSM GROUP, our company gained not only strong partners, but also an important unifying entity for business activities.