Since 2005, our company Virte, a.s. has been providing services aimed at comprehensive cyber security, as well as standard outsourcing and product ICT services. We are part of the MSM GROUP Holding active both in the defense and civil industry. We provide comprehensive ICT services to all companies belonging to this weapons holding, as well as to the rest of the market. We solve operating ICT outsourcing, as well as comprehensive cybersecurity for our customers. Our priority is the reliability and trustworthiness. Virte, a.s. is the holder of the NSA clearance for working with information classified at “SECRET” level. At the same time, the company possesses valid clearances issued by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the European Union for “SECRET” classification level.

We have at our disposal our own data center built on the state-of-the-art S2D technology – Microsoft’s virtualization solution with software-defined disk array on Lenovo’s hardware platform. This technology allows us to process and store customer data in highly available, secure and differentiated virtual storage systems.

We build our own SOC (Security Operation Center) – a comprehensive cyber security system continuously monitoring the complete technology infrastructure – both our own and of our customers. The system detects cybernetic threats, real-time risks of system or application failures, provides forensic evidence and visualizes incidents on the monitors of analysts working in the central control room, including generation of reports and notifications. This system allows us to predict problems in your ICT resources, systems or applications, to respond promptly and thus save your funds used to eliminate the consequences of incidents or possibly production downtimes or shutdowns. It also allows us to clearly and transparently report the status of your ICT universes.

Take advantage of our highly skilled team and advanced technology solutions to achieve your goals.

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