AC/DC Ground Power Unit – SPZ-2

is a system designated for:

  • Aircraft and helicopters engine starting
  • Board systems verification and diagnostic by direct and alternate current
  • It is tactical, multi-purpose device for double-sided using (two aircraft at the same time) in civilian and military version


  • GPU SPZ-2 is a unit of the second generation, developed by our engineers. Earlier types of SPZ, namely SPZ 1 and modernized SPZ 1 M have been made with lower performance then SPZ-2 is

  • High parameters and better mobility of SPZ-2 guarantee full service for all basic types of NATO aircraft at regular airports, field airdromes and heliports under all weather conditions

Other parameters:

  • SPZ-2 is embedded in a container with dimensions of 2,300 x 1,800 x 1,300 mm, weight 2,700 kg
  • Mobility - possibility to move by using small pickup truck, on universal trailer and by air transport
  • Climate conditions - the temperature from -35 °( to +50 °( , humidity up to 95 %
  • Reliability - minimum of 2,000 hours
  • 2 connecting cables of 16 m length
  • Self diagnostic
  • Remote control