MSM Banska Bystrica, LtD.  is succesor of the Aircraft Maintenance Banska Bystrica – establishment 1947. MSM Banska Bystrica, LtD. is wealthy company in qualification, experiencies and references in production, maintenance and service of the military and civilian equipments for airports – more than 60 years. From the beginning, the company was oriented towards the electrotechnical production, repairs and servicing of special military equipment of air land and air defense, control and dispatching centers, remote control systems and meteorological means.

The production portfolio of company includes ground-based elements of the airports:

  • Aircraft Ground Power Units (GPU): Model SPZ-1MX and Model SPZ-2
  • Air Navigation Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) Systems: Model NAVYRA-500 and Model NAVYRA-M
  • Integrated Navigation System NARASYS
  • „T“ TYPE Antenna System for NDB NAVYRA: UZA 12m, UZA 24 m
  • VHF Position Marker Model RM-01C and Antenna Model RM-A for VHF Position Marker Model RM-01C
  • Air-conditioned Container for system NARASYS
  • Mobile Air Traffic Control Towers
  • Mobile Control Tower DISK 2 MSM 
  • Mobile Towers for Monitoring (Watchtowers)
  • Mobile airport