Ammunition services

MSM GROUP is a technology and innovation leader specializing in the research, design, development and production of a wide range of ammunition and other energetic and pyrotechnic devices, demili-tarization and related life cycle services. We draw on our
90 year history of service to the Defense industry and our culture of continuous improvement to create value for our customers.

Ammunition have a limited lifetime. As the end of their service life approaches, after several years of usage and storage, you have to make an important decision.


Key investment decisions must be based on knowledge of reliability and function.


MSM GROUP has the resources and skills to help you check the status of stored equipment and ammunition and perhaps establish a new expiry date. In our testing program, we evaluate your product’s status and perform an extensive safety analysis which leads to well-founded recommendations for storage, modifications or destruction.

Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

MSM GROUP provides independent test and evaluation services to assess the safety of munitions.

  • ammunition is inspected by experts and if identified/classified as nonconforming demilitarized as needed
  • production proof activities ensure continuing compliance with system safety and performance requirements prior to acceptance into service use
  • munition safety assessments; to ensure that the munition and its sub-systems meet safety requirements


The modernisation can be performed directly as a requirement of the customer or after the analyzes of ammo material. According to tests results is there processed the report to the customer about the ammo material status with the deal proposal for this material. 

  • more resistant material
  • new surface protection rounds and cartridges
  • the range extension
  • the maximizing of the effect on the target
  • various missiles variants HE, Illumination, Thermobaric... 
  • replacement of outdated components (e.g. igniters, fuzes)


By using our lifetime extension services, you benefit from:

  • Knowledge of the remaining lifetime of your product
  • Recommendations on modifications that will cut costs
  • Improved safety
  • Our cost-efficient and flexible solutions
  • Extremely short lead times
  • Unique ability to adapt our activities to specific requirements enables us to take care of your needs

Main activities in this field are:

  • main technical parameters checking and testing
  • surface areas renovation
  • cartridge case renovation including recalibration
  • final testing and examinations including fire tests

Demilitarization & Ecological Disposal

MSM GROUP owns special technology and the know-how to ensure the ecological disposal. There is a lot of knowledge and experience with ammunition disposal and liquidation for Armed Forces of Slovak republic, for Ministry of Defense of Czech republic, Hungary, Bulgaria etc. This know-how and technology can be used for various types of ammunition.

MSM is able to rapidly, safely and cost effectively dispose of such products while minimizing damage to the environment.

  • Revision and life cycle extension

    MSM Novaky, Inc.

    Before the process of the prolongation of ammo technical life is there performed exhaustive inspection and the examination of this assessed material. This assessment includes all necessary tests and examinations, including the testing of the quality of smokeless propellants and explosives and other parts which contain an active load. According to test results is there processed the report to the customer about the ammo material status with the deal proposal for this material.

    Milan SKITKA
    Support for ammunition services
  • Modernization of Ammunition

    MSM Novaky, Inc.

    Modernization of ammunition is a cost-effective alternative to procurement of new ammunition. Using MSM GROUP expertise to replace certain components, the performance, safety and reliability of the existing ammunition can be re-established or even improved. Compared to purchasing new ammunition the cost savings for the client are typically in the region of 30-50%.

    Milan SKITKA
    Support for ammunition services
  • Delaboration of ammunition

    MSM Novaky, Inc.

    Technological line for delaboration of artillery ammunition 85-155 mm

    Milan SKITKA
    Support for ammunition services
  • Ecological liquidation

    MSM Novaky, Inc.

    Technology lines, jigs and equipments designed to ecology liquidation of the ammunition and its elements are developed, designed and constructed by the MSM GROUP team. Verification of Ecological Liquidation MSM GROUP is disposed towards to realize the verification controls of disposal of ammunition performed by the Control Body of Ministry of Defence of Slovak Republic and also by the third parties. The company has been verified by the verification USA team. Protocol about the disposal is issued after each disposal performance. The photo documentation from the process of the disposal of individual types of ammunition is made according to customer requirements.

    Milan SKITKA
    Support for ammunition services
  • Training ammo and dummies

    MSM Novaky, Inc.

    1. Training cartridges and projectiles for manually loaded guns (calibres 57-152 mm) 2. Training rounds for guns with automatic loading mechanism (122 mm ECv for HD-30 and ShH 2S1, 125 mm Ecv for T72,152 mm ECv for ShKH 77, 73, PG15V, Cv for BVP-1) 3. Accesories for training cartridges (muzzle brake 122 HD-30, ShH 2S1 and 152 ShKH) 4. Fictional water cartridges for recoil brake mechanisms of artillery guns (100, 122, 125,152 mm) 5. Anti-Tank trainning mines Cv Pt-Mi Ba III 6. Flying target imitator 122 mm FTI 7. Universal hand grenade

    Milan SKITKA
    Support for ammunition services
  • Mobile technology lines

    MSM Novaky, Inc.

    Mobile technology lines is a modification of stationary technology lines. They meet all the specifications and demands of stationary technology lines – design properties machinery and software equipment. They are compliant with all the specifications and demands of stationary technology lines such as design, equipment, machinery and also comply with legislation of EU regarding the safety of work.

    Milan SKITKA
    Support for ammunition services
  • HYDRA 100

    MSM Novaky, Inc.

    The purpose of the HYDRA 100 device is delaboration or revision of both fixed and separed-loading artillery ammunition.

    Milan SKITKA
    Support for ammunition services