Ecological liquidation

  • The ordnance disposal is intended to an ammo either beyond technical warranty or not suitable for major overhaul operation.
  • All risk and dangerous operations are performed automatically, by the equipment operating behind the protective armour.
  • Liquidation is carried out by the equipment developed, designed and manufactured by MSM GROUP. The technology is approved by the respective environmental authority.
  • All this gained material is given to the industrial usage. At the end of the total process there is the waste water neutralization performed in neutralization station.

The equipment is intended for placing, fixing and manipulating with TPH during its disposal operation performed by power water eroding. The company owns special technology and the know-how to ensure the ecological disopsal. There is a lot of knowledge and experience with ammunition disposal and liquidation for Armed Forces of Slovak republic, for Ministry of Defence of Czech republic, Hungary, Bulgaria etc. This know-how and technology can be used for various types of rockets.
The company performs the disposal of fuses which have been in use. The company has evaluated and approved technology, process documentation and the equipment for every single type of ammo. At the disposal performance it takes care of environment and make the disposal in friendly environmental way.


Technology lines, jigs and equipments designed to ecology liquidation of the ammunition and its elements are developed, designed and constructed by the MSM GROUP team.


Equpments for ammo disassembly and the delaboration:

Equpments for ammo disassembly and the delaboration

Technology for the smelting out the explosive based on TNT:

Technology for the smelting out the explosive based on TNT

Technology to solid propellants ecology liquidation:

Technology to solid propellants ecology liquidation

The scope:Ammo Liquidation


Verification of Ecological Liquidation MSM GROUP is disposed towards to realize the verification controls of disposal of ammunition performed by the Control Body of Ministry of Defence of Slovak Republik and also by the third parties. The company has been verified by the verification USA team after the disposal of 9M714K in the 2001.

Protocol about the disposal is issued after each disposal performance. The photo documentation from the process of the disposal of individual types of ammunition is made according to customer requirements.

MSM GROUP stores the samples of disposed parts and according to the customers requirements they are submit to the verification team.