Modernization of Ammunition

Modernization of ammunition is a cost-effective alternative to procurement of new ammunition. Using MSM GROUP expertise to replace certain components, the performance, safety and reliability of the existing ammunition can be re-established or even improved.

Compared to purchasing new ammunition the cost savings for the client are typically in the region of 30-50%.

Basic options for the improvement:

  • The exchange (replacement) lighter – more reliable, safer, smarter (eg. which is initiated when approaching)
  • More resistant material (anti-corrosion paint, paint of the new generation)
  • New surface protection of the round and cartridge
  • The range extension
  • The maximizing of the effect on the target - in the impact zone
  • Various missiles variants HE, Illumination, Thermobaric,
  • Training ...
  • Replacement of outdated components (renewed stabilizer)
  • More lightweight packaging and more durable transport packaging
  • Possible use of mobile technology line directly in the place of ammunition storing (Made by MSM GROUP)
  • Complete Logistics

Warranty for rockets: 

  • In the case of modernization the life-cycle is prolonged by 10 years 
  • In the case of the revision to life-cycle extension is the warranty prolonged by 5 years (from 10 years to 15 years)