Training ammo and dummies

We can offer in this area:

  1. Training cartridges and projectiles for manually loaded guns (calibres 57-152 mm)
  2. Training rounds for guns with automatic loading mechanism (122 mm ECv for HD-30 and ShH 2S1, 125 mm Ecv for T72,152 mm ECv for ShKH 77, 73, PG15V, Cv for BVP-1)
  3. Accesories for training cartridges (muzzle brake 122 HD-30, ShH 2S1 and 152 ShKH)
  4. Fictional water cartridges for recoil brake mechanisms of artillery guns (100, 122, 125,152 mm)
  5. Anti-Tank trainning mines Cv Pt-Mi Ba III
  6. Flying target imitator 122 mm FTI
  7. Universal hand grenade

Advantages of training ammunition:

  • Real sound and optical effect and real automatic fuctioning of the gun
  • Safety of area 100m from the muzzle of the barrel
  • Lower costs of training in comparison with use of live ammunition

LIC (Flying Target Imitator 122 mm)

LIC (Flying Target Imitator 122 mm)

MSM GROUP supplies Taylormade‘s training ammo based on customer requirements

Ammo Dummies

MSM GROUP is the main supplier for ammo dunnis for international EOD centre located in Slovakia.

Ammo Dummies

Universal Grenade URG 86      Ammo Dummies


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