60 mm Mortar Ammunition for Mortar ANTOS 

60mm, 81mm, 98mm, 120mm Mortar Ammunition from the production of MSM Group are designed to be fired by self-produced mortar launcher of mentioned caliber and are used against infantry and lightly armoured targets. Out of the 60mm production portfolio we offer wide variety of different munitions with different usage: HEF – standard HE filling with blast and fragmentation effect, HEI – HE filling with enhanced blast and incendiary effect, Smoke – with signal smoke effect and Illuminating with illumination of battlefield. 60mm Mortar Munitions is supplied with wide variety of PD fuzes from different producers. All mortar munitions are used in wide range of customers including NATO member states.

81, 98 and 120 mm HE Mortar Amunition

The 81 mm and 98 mm HE mortar ammunition was developed together with mortars for Slovak MOD, 120 mm mortar ammunition was developed in former Czechoslovakia. All HE mortar ammunition has high explosive charge Hexotol for increasing blast and fragmentation effect against TNT charge. All shells utilize our fuzes MZ-95M or MZ-81M developed in Slovakia according NATO standards requirements.

Both fuzes are nose point detonating fuzes, designed for high-explosive mortar ammunition. The fuzes can be set on superquick or delayed action according to required effect on target (fragmentation/blast effect). The fuzes have transport safety pin and mask safety.