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Environmentally acceptable illuminating pyrotechnic components


REACH compliance proposal for smoke pyrotechnic composition


Intensification of the use of the results of applied research, especially by small and medium-sized companies.


REACH-compliant eco-friendly energy materials

The project covers the development of new and replacement of currently used energy materials that contain components posing risks in terms of environmental and human health impacts. Such energy materials will be replaced by new ones whose composition complies with current regulations on the management of chemicals (REACH) and, in addition, will be safer to handle and use in products. The design of new compositions of energy materials will improve the working environment, eliminating hazardous compounds that are released during the production, processing and use of energy materials.

The proposed new formulations will be validated at a semi-operational scale so that they can be introduced into production. The project also includes the preparation of test methods and technical conditions for the production of the developed energetic materials for military (ammunition elements) and civil (fire extinguishers, airbags) applications. After completion of the project, a completed laboratory and semi-operational workplace will be available to continue the development and modification of the properties of energetic materials, as the current range of pyrotechnic compositions is very wide and it will be necessary to gradually modify the composition and properties of several of them.

At the workplaces it will be possible to carry out preparations of energy materials in laboratory and semi-operational scale and to introduce (test) potentially also new technologies of production of energy materials.

The sustainability of the project will continue after its completion and the partners will continue the set cooperation on the basis of the partnership agreement between ZVS IIMPEX, joint stock company Dubnica nad Váhom, with a long tradition of production of defence industry products, and the partner STC Brno, which has excellent scientific and research capacities, many years of experience and success in the field of research and development of energetic materials.