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Company Mission and Values

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Free World

We believe in a world where people can live freely and feel safe. Freedom and security are not taken for granted but are values that need to be protected. We are proud of the role we play in the world.


World Leader

We are one of the world leaders in the manufacture of defence equipment. Stable economic results make us reliable business partners for the security forces of partner countries around the world.


Traditional Brands

Our companies operate in Slovak regions, where they are a major employer with a firmly rooted history. We also develop our activities in Spain where we own a company with an almost 700-year tradition in the area of ammunition production.


Support for Regions

We care about the regions where our companies are located. We are interested in what kind of environment our employees live in. We communicate with the state and self-governments with the aim of supporting sports and cultural events, enhancing the environment and making their territory a little more beautiful.