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MSM ľuďom (MSM to People)

The MSM ľuďom (MSM to People) civic association has been helping since 2017. We do not ignore the stories and fates of our colleagues, their families and friends, as well as strangers. We distribute all the collected money to them. Currently, the association focuses primarily on children and adults with disabilities as part of its assistance.

  • What should a person do if they know someone in need and would like our organisation to make financial or other donation?

    By mail to the address: MSM GROUP s.r.o., Štúrova 925/27, 018 41 Dubnica nad Váhom, with the following words on the envelope: “MSM pre ľudí,”. Write as much information as possible about the person you want to help. Name, your relationship to that person, why you think he or she should receive a reward.

    By electronic means: fill in the form t (click on the form)

    In person: at the HR department in the MSM GROUP companies

  • What happens with requests?

    All requests are collected with President of MSM pre ľudí, o.z. The evaluation of requests takes place every quarter.

  • What must the request contain?

    • Requester information and contact details

    • As much information as possible about the project, event, specific help, specific person. We simply want to know the reason why this particular project or why this particular person. The more you tell us, the better.


  • Who decides which proposal you support?

    The committee made up of the control board and members of the association decides which proposal we will support. Subsequently, all successful requesters are informed of the result.

  • Why are some requests refused?

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to satisfy everyone, but we also postpone unsuccessful requests and present them again at the next vote. Please note that we do not reimburse for events that have already taken place.

2% of Tax

Details required to remit 2% to our organisation:

Business Name/Name: MSM ľuďom, o.z.
Legal Form: civic association
Comp. ID (IČO): 55144284
Address/Registered office: Štúrova 925/27, 018 41 Dubnica nad Váhom

Help us to help

This year, our MSM ľuďom civic association is donating collected 2% of taxes to children and adults with disabilities.

Do you know any? Do you want to help them as much as we do? Please, fill in this form. We review and carefully select all requests every quarter.

I want to help

We have helped



NATO CHARITY BAZAAR was founded in 1967 with the aim of bringing together the employees and families of NATO HQ. It was organised by the wives of officers of the international military staff who tried to raise funds for charitable purposes. Currently, volunteers from 42 NATO countries form and organise it, and a Slovak stand full of traditional products, souvenirs and refreshments is also present there.



We support meaningful projects and the largest charity event of its kind in Slovakia – HVIEZDY DEŤOM (STARS FOR CHILDREN) – was definitely one of those. On Sunday, 25 June, the visitors to the Hoss Sport Centre in Trenčín were awaited by a bunch of attractions, a festival of sports, many performances and an autograph session of famous personalities, not only from the world of sports. The weather was favourable in the 15th year, which also had a positive effect on the exemplary attendance. Hossa, Tatar, Ševela and many other idols brought joy not only to children but also adults.



Every year, we help dozen of children, adults and entire families in the area of health protection and promotion. Also thanks to our contributions, they can undergo costly medical treatment and rehabilitation. The result is that they are often able to integrate into normal life, children into the schools, and adults into society.

Quarterly aid reports for 2023:

1st quarter of 2023

2nd quarter of 2023

3rd quarter of 2023

4th quarter of 2023