120 mm Mortar Bomb

120 mm Mortar Bomb

120 mm Mortar Bomb

The 120 mm mortar bomb is designed to destruction of live forces, machine gun nests, light-armoured targets, field fortifications, army units in trenches and army units hidden behind the natural barriers, especially in mountan terrains. Mortar bombs are exclusively used for firing by top group of angles and its stability is achieved solely with fin stabilizer. The leading of mortar bomb in the barrel is provided by junction cone and stabilizing fins.

The 120 mm mortar bombs can be fired either from towed or self-propelled mortars.

Technical characteristics

Technical data
Type High explosive (HE)
Caliber 120 mm
Length without lighter max. 665,5 mm
Length with lighter max. 737 mm
Weight with lighter 16,0 kg
Weight without lighter 15,3 kg
Type of guide ring Labyrinth
Mass of explosive 2,66kg
Type of bursting TNT
Painting and marking In accordance with AOP-2 Issue D
For Mortar 120mm
Maximum allowable operating pressure 140 MPa
Lighter Impact – MZ95M or suitable artillery lighter (impact approach, timing)
Operating temperature -50°C to +50°C
Shipping packaging
Number of pieces on pallet 24pcs
Pallet dimensions 1056x888x1080 mm
Pallet weight 620 kg
UN product code UN 0321
ADR code 1.2 E



  • 1. Shell 
  • 2.Explosivecharge
  • 3. Fuze 
  • 4.Stabilizer
  • 5. Base cartridge

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