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  5. 155 mm HE ER-BT (OFd MKM) modernized

155 mm HE ER-BT (OFd MKM) modernized

155 mm HE ER-BT (OFd MKM) modernized

155 mm HE ER-BT (OFd MKM) modernized

155 mm high Explosive Extended Range projectile with Boat Tail unit is filled with TNT or
TNT/RDX (Composition B) high explosive in ratio approx. 50/50.

It is used for partial or complete destruction of targets, for slowing down the progress of enemy armed forces. It is primarily intended for the liquidation of stationary targets, places with a high concentration of enemy troops and military equipment. The projectile has Boat Tail unit screwed on the projectile (shell body) bottom. The Boat Tail unit ensures extended range up to 30,000 meters, when fired from 45 caliber gun and up to 31,000 meters when fired from 52 caliber gun.

A modernized version of the MK missile.

Technical characteristics

Technical data:
Caliber (mm) 155
Projectile weight (kg) 40.31
Projectile length without fuze (mm) 816.5 – 819.7
Projectile length with fuze (mm) max. 905
High explosive charge (kg) 10.0
Type of high explosive TNT or TNT/RDX
Fuze KZ984
Point detonating
Number of projectiles on pallet pcs 8
Dimensions of pallet mm 765 x 360 x 1020
Weight of pallet unit kg 337.0
Packing code u 4C1/Y65/S/year of production
n SK/1003M/ID number of certif. Authority
Hazard class ADR 1.1 D

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