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2% of taxes

Donate 2% and support the work of our association. Help us to help.

Details needed to donate 2% to our organization:

Business name: MSM ľuďom, o.z.
Legal form: 
ID NUMBER: 55144284
Address/Headquarters: Štúrova 925/27, 018 41 Dubnica nad Váhom

Procedure for remitting 2% (3%) for employees who have asked their employer to make an annual settlement of income tax prepayments.

1. By 15 February, ask your employer to make an annual settlement of the tax paid in advance, and ask your employer to issue you with a tax payment certificate form. You can find out the date you paid your tax from this receipt and calculate: 2% of your tax paid – this is the maximum amount you can donate to our organisation if you did not volunteer last year or if you volunteered less than 40 hours in the last year. 3% of your paid tax if you have volunteered at least 40 hours in the last year and you get a certificate from the organization(s) you volunteered for in the last year.

2. Write the details from the certificate, together with the amount you wish to remit to us, on the Personal Income Tax Remittance Declaration for the year-2023. On the declaration you have the option to tick the box to agree to your details (name and address…but not the amount remitted) being sent to our organisation. If you choose to tick the box, we will be happy to let you know so we can thank you.

3. Please deliver both of these forms, the Declaration on a separate sheet and the Acknowledgement on a separate sheet, to the tax office where you live by 30.04. If you have donated 3% of the tax, the Declaration and the Receipt must be accompanied by a Receipt for at least 40 hours of volunteer work!

Note on the forms: the ID number must be aligned from the right (in the form Declaration of remittance of the share of income tax paid by the FO), otherwise it may not be recognized by the Tax Office.