In 2020, a significant acquisition was made and FMG became part of the MSM GROUP . Fábrica de munitiones de Granada is comprehensive manufacturer of single and two-base propellants and propellant charges, rockets, artillery, mortar and tank ammunition.

Revenues in 2023:

86,7 mil. EUR




Granada (Spain)

Propellants and propellant charges

Nitrocellulose is processed at the factory into single and two-base propellants and propellant charges, special M4A2 propellant charges for 155 mm calibre artillery ammunition.

Tank ammunition

The main product of the FMG is tank ammunition. Currently, the production is based on two calibres, 105 and 120 mm, both meet the strict requirements of the STANAG regulation.

Mortar bombs

The production programme of mortar ammunition consists of 60, 81 and 120 mm calibres. They are filled with TNT and powder charges. Completion, lacquering and final assembly is mainly done by hand.


Extensive experience in the production, research and development of various types of missiles according to NATO standards, primarily the production of warheads, rocket motors, assembly and completion of rockets.

Fábrica de Municiones de Granada s.l.
C/Ctra. Murcia, s/n – EL FARGUE

18182 Granada

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