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155 mm M4A2 – Propelling Charge

155 mm M4A2 – Propelling Charge

155 mm M4A2 – Propelling Charge

The M4A2 (white bag) Propelling Charge is a separate loading charge used in 155mm howitzers for firing in Zones 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. 

The full M4A2 Propelling Charge consists of 13.4 lbs (6 kg), of M1 propellant and is divided between a base charge and four unequal increments loaded in white cloth bags. The increments are connected by four cloth tapes sewn to the base and tied on top of increment. The igniter contains clean burning igniter (CBI) in a red cloth pad sewn to the bottom of the base charge.

Technical characteristics



Web size (in)
Weight (lbs)
3 M1, SP 0.33 4.0
4 M1, SP 0.33 1.2
5 M1, SP 0.33 1.7
6 M1, SP 0.33 2.8
7 M1, SP 0.33 3.4


Technical data:
Type White bag, separate loading
Weight 6.35 kg
Length 53.34 cm
Colour White with black markings
Propellant M1 (6.08kg explosive)
Cannon used with M1, M1A1, M45, M126, M126A1, M185, M199
Technical data:
Temperature Limits Firing Lower limit -40 °F (-40 °C)
Upper limit +125 °F (+51 °C)
Storage Lower limit -80 °F ( -62 °C) (for periods not more than 3 days)
Upper limit +140 °F (+60 °C) (for periods not more than 4 hrs/day)
Packing One (1 ) M4A2 propelling charge is packed in one (1) metal container.
Twenty eight (28 ) metal containers M13A2 packed in one (1) wooden palette.

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