The production factory in Nováky is one of the world leaders in its field. The main portfolio consists of production, revision, modernisation, life cycle extension of ammunition of 57-155 mm calibre, including rockets, storage and ecological disposal, production of training ammunition, ammunition models and teaching materials. Thanks to a high degree of automation, robotization and the use of the latest technologies, it belongs to the most modern workplaces within Europe.

Revenues in  2023:

131 mil. EUR



Unique technology archive

1 000 ammunition procedures

Ammunition and ammo components

We produce hand grenades, mortar and artillery ammunition, anti-tank guided missiles, PVO rockets, initiators, initiating rounds, fuzes for artillery and mortar systems.

Training ammunition

We develop and produce artillery training ammunition for various types of weapon systems and anti-tank training ammunition. We also specialize in the production of models, sections and teaching materials.

Civil sector

We design, manufacture and repair forms for the automotive segment. We are specialists in the environmentally friendly disposal of airbags and the production of technology for the next production.

Research and development

We develop our own ammunition types and our own process lines for production, life extension and delaboration. We modernize artillery ammunition, anti-tank guided missiles, mortar and rocket ammunition.

Extension of ammunition life

We will safely, environmentally and economically separate the ammunition into its individual components, assess their condition and carry out repair and replacement of damaged or obsolete components. We then reassemble the ammunition and restore its finish.

Ecological disposal of ammunition

Demilitarisation involves separating munitions into their individual components and separating explosives in a safe, environmentally sound and economical manner so that they can be reused or disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.

VOP Nováky, a.s.
Duklianska 60
97271 Nováky

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