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In just a few days, we’ll report back to you from sunny Saudi Arabia. MSM GROUP is part of the World Defence Show for five days, from 2 to 8 February 2024.

The World Defence Show in Riyadh regularly brings together the top of the international defence community and we are pleased to be able to present our products and services at a truly high level. We will be showcasing our artillery and tank ammunition carrier products and our ability to extend the technical life of ammunition.

Lack of ammunition

The pressure on ammunition manufacturers is enormous due to the geopolitical situation and the increase in demand for products is huge on a global level. Both producers and suppliers of raw materials are already beyond capacity. The WDS exhibition is another platform where we will present a solution to this problem. 

A solution to increase capacity

Revision and technical life extension of old ammunition has been dealt with by our VOP Nováky plant for decades. Practice, experience and unique know-how allow us to provide this service to countries across the world. Our solution to increase the production of ammunition has appealed to the representatives of several EU countries. They were impressed by the sophistication and high expertise of the system, the benefits and the impact on capacity,
the environment and, of course, the economic indicators.

We are ready to take every opportunity during the WDS to make our service known to the elite in the defence industry, to establish new partnerships and to exchange valuable knowledge that can take us forward.